Final meeting of a team of multivolume publication “From the History of Drafting of the Russian Federation Constitution… (1990-1993)”

On March 31, 2010 in Moscow the final open meeting of the Editorial Board and participants of the public research & publishing project «From the History of Drafting of the Russian Federation Constitution. Constitutional Commission: transcripts, materials, documents (1990–1993). 6 vol. (in 10 books). Moscow, 2007–2010» has taken place.

A presentation of the unique publication has been made for representatives of the media and for the record (a full transcript of this interesting meeting should be published later in special edition of «Constitutional Herald/Konstitucionny Vestnik»).
The meeting was organized by the Presidential Center of Boris Yeltsin and the Foundation for Constitutional Reforms and was timed to the completion of the multi-volume publication.

The meeting was chaired by executive director of the Presidential Center of Boris Yeltsin Aleksandr Drozdov and president of the FCR Oleg Rumyantsev.

As chairman of the Editorial Board, Mr. Rumyantsev summarized results of the four years’ work (April 2006 — March 2010) on preparation and release of the 10 books on the history of constitutional reform of the years 1990 — 1993, that have filled in some significant gaps in modern Russian history.

Discussion involved all the participants of this meeting: the drafters of the RF Constitution (members and experts of the Constitutional Commission (1990–1993) and participants of the Constitutional Assembly (1993) and other of the project, including: Sergey Filatov, Leonid Volkov, Andrey Goltsblat, Evgeny Danilov, Boris Zolotukhin, Vil Kikot, Mikhail Krasnov, Vladimir Lafitskiy, Leonid Mamut, Oleg Mironov, Mikhail Mityukov, Chimit Ondar, Stanislav Stanskikh, Ilya Shablinskiy, Victor Sheinis, Alexey Tsarev, Kirill Yankov, Igor Mintusov, Elena Kozlova.
Statements reflected not only the necessity of thorough study of the modern Russian Constitutional heritage, but also contained a lot of assessments and comments about the current state of the constitutional order, as well as proposals for its further development.

Summarizing the meeting, Mr. Drozdov said that the initiative of members of the publishing project to set up a Museum of the Constitution of the Russian Federation within Presidential Center of Boris Yeltsin has been approved.

After the meeting the participants tasted a cake made in the form of the last volume of this «History"brought by the member of the Editorial Board Mr. Stanskikh.